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Science Through Song


Science Through Song by Jim Walters (Includes CD with 15 Science songs and book with lyric sheets, lesson plans, music pages and introductory materials.)

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Product Description

“Science Through Song” is an IDEAS curriculum connections product. It includes fifteen excellent songs composed by Jim Waters, music educator and songwriter.

Ranging from grade K through grade 7, each song is accompanied by an easy-to-use lesson for the science teacher, plus links to learning in language arts and music. Songs include topics from life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences. Correlations to national science, music, and dance standards are included in the appendix. (See the Introduction to Science through Song.)

The brilliant accompanying CD, arranged and produced by Linda Worsley, provides fifteen tracks with vocals as well as fifteen performance tracks with just the accompaniments and an instrumental melody line, so students can perform on their own.

Provide exciting teaching and learning in science with “Science Through Song.”

Yesterday, I had to go to the doctor, and took Jim Walters’s book with me to go through the lesson plans while I was waiting. When the doctor walked in the room, she was looking at my chart and started to ask me about my symptoms when she looked up and said, “Science Through Song? Do you mind if I look at this?” and proceeded to ask questions about it. To make a long story short, she would like to order one.

The book is wonderful! What a nice format and the CD is great. Jessica said, “Mr. Walters is the best songwriter that I know!”
–Lisa Meyer, Music Supervisor Dearborn Public Schools, Michigan