My Many Colored Days


Multi – AWARD Winning




This Fabulous Kit Contains:

  • The board book My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss.
  • 20 durable 27” square, washable nylon scarves – 2 of each of the following 10 colors: purple, royal blue, gray, black, orange, red, kelly green, brown, pink and yellow. One for each hand, or enough for an early childhood class.
  • IDEAS Colors Music Download with short sound/color segments, then entire pieces, all chosen for mood and movement.
  • Once the kit is purchased a passcode and link to the download page will be emailed so you can begin listening to the music as soon as your scarves and book arrive.

Use the kit to reinforce:

  • Color Recognition.
  • Reading Books.
  • Identifying and Exploring Mood.
  • Creating Movement to Match Music.
  • Starting and Stopping–Motor Control.
  • Joyful Times Spent with Parents, Teachers, Caregivers, Books, Music, and Movement.


  • Read the book to your child(ren).
  • Discuss how the gray tulle scarves look, feel and flow differently than the other scarves. How this color relates to the story – “(gray)…does not move.”
  • Explore the scarf colors. Move them through space. Make air pathways with them, then walk and turn with the scarves.
  • Read the story again, moving the matching scarf to the music for each page.
  • Switch colors and repeat this activity on many days.
  • Play the complete music pieces for longer movement experiences.
  • Play dress up, and dress up stuffed animals with scarves. Be sure to say the scarf color when it is chosen.

Now make up new ways to use the book, scarves, and music! Its all inside of you!

Music Tracks

Color Tracks:

1. Different Colored Days
2. Red (Wild Horseman, Schumann)
3. Blue
4. Brown
5. Yellow
6. Gray
7. Orange
8. Green
9. Purple
10. Pink (Chinese Dance, Tchaikovsky)
11. Black
12. Mixed Up
13. Different Colored Days

Complete Pieces:

14. Contrasts, Jensen (Different Colored Days)
15. Rondeau, Bach (Blue)
16. The Elephant, Saint-Saens (Brown)
17. Flight of the Bumblebee, Rinsky-Korsakov (Yellow)
18. The Entertainer, Joplin (Gray)
19. Air, Bach (Orange)
20. Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven (Purple)
21. Russian Sailors’ Dance, Gliere (Black)
22. Batik, Worsley (Mixed Up)