IDEAS Music CD 1



Product Description

Our IDEAS Instrumental Music CD1 is fully engaging and was created for children and/or the elderly population with moderate memory impairment.  The CD combines the music of our IDEASMusic Cassette Volumes 1 and 2; it  includes different music styles and instrument combinations. The CD creates contrasting moods and possibilities for exploration. Each piece is short but completely whole without being overly simple or trite.  Our CD is perfect to use along with our AEIDEAS Children/Adult Scarf products to encourage movement and enhance activities for children/elderly or it can be listened to by itself. The 10 song titles are: Sailing, Tortoise and Hare, Follow Me, Rainbows, Pudding and Popcorn, Serenade, Echo Playground, Jazzy Triad, Wind Song and Contrasts.  Dance, play, smile, imagine and enjoy the music.